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Treatment for recurrent Cystitis is available at leading London Consultant Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant's Clinic. Recurrent Cystitis is a very painful, stressful and unpleasant condition suffered by an ever increasing number of women.  Deborah sees many patients with this condition in her clinic. Most of these patients have done the rounds of GPs and urologists/gynaecologists and have been given a huge amount of antibiotics, yet the Cystitis remains unresolved.

Some of Deborah’s patients have even been told by their doctor to take an antibiotic as a preventative measure before having sex. Now if a woman is having sex, say, two or threeTreatment For Recurrent Cystitis times a week, that amounts to a huge amount of antibiotic drugs in a year - and that's apart from numerous courses of antibiotics she may have already been prescribed in the unsuccessful treatment for recurrent cystitis. This vicious cycle must be broken and the body must be strengthened so that the patient can be weaned off this ineffective antibiotic treatment.

Many women say that they feel let down by the NHS. Deborah feels they should not have to go to private healthcare for treatment for recurrent Cystitis. If circumstances do not allow a woman to have private healthcare, she is left to suffer. This is not acceptable. A woman should not be in a position, where she has to give up sex in case it triggers Cystitis. She should not always get an attack of Cystitis simply because she has a stressful situation in her life. She should not have to worry about where the nearest bathroom is. A woman’s life should be so much better than that.

Antibiotics for this condition should be avoided unless there is a real threat of the infection backing up into the kidneys. You should consult your doctor immediately if your symptoms are accompanied by fever, loin pain, or lower backache – all these can be signs of a kidney infection. The very best way forward is prevention and many of Deborah’s patients, who have had treatment for recurrent cystitis, are now firmly in charge of their health and the cystitis has stopped.

The treatment for recurrent Cystitis should be undertaken for a minimum of six months. Most women notice a difference early on but the treatment should not be stopped. Remember that it has taken your body many months or years to reach the condition it is in so it goes without saying that it will take quite some time to recover completely. Deborah has seen very positive results and has turned around the lives of many women across the UK and beyond as per the testimonials. Some women continue the treatment to a lesser extent for maintenance.

Treatment for recurrent Cystitis can incorporate addressing any other health issues that may be concerning you such as IBS, allergies, weight problems, low libido, low energy etc; call for an appointment to discuss them with Deborah at her London clinic. Prescriptions are tailored to meet each patient's unique needs. Deborah has many patients, who live a long way from London, therefore after the initial consultation, where appropriate, Deborah is happy to do the follow-up consultations by telephone or Skype.

It's very important not to get dehydrated as that is also a trigger. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. The Herbal Medicines used are of the very highest quality, which makes them fairly expensive compared to the High Street herbal remedies, which are often of very poor quality and so often made of the wrong part of the medicinal plant. Indeed, some of the medicinal herbs used are prescription-only and cannot be bought over the counter. This extremely high quality helps Deborah to achieve a very high rate of clinical success in her practice.

Testimonial: A 44 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis and a history of regular antibiotic use. Very stressful job with long hours.

"I went to see Deborah as I was suffering from a chronic disorder. I had seen a number of very reputable consultants but the only thing that was suggested wherever I went, were long term antibiotics. I knew that this could not be good for me and the the side effects would eventually catch up with me, which they of course did. I went to see Deborah, when I was more or less at a point of despair, really not knowing where to go. She put me on a diet, where I was to exclude a number of foods and watch the alkaline content of what I ate. She gave me a number of herbal medicines, that addressed some of the causes and triggers of my condition. I started improving. It took a number of months before I improved to a significant level, but she helped me identify the causes and triggers over this period and addressed them, which no doctor had done previously. With her holistic approach, she helped me implement the changes that were needed, understand the underlying condition and address it. I am truly grateful to her." Erika - London

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If you would like treatment for recurrent Cystitis and a natural approach to breaking the vicious cycle of antibiotic therapy, call 020 7467 1528 for an appointment.


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