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Welcome to The Baby and Child Natural Health Clinic


At the Baby and Child Natural Health Clinic, we care for babies, toddlers and children. We have several patients, who are also in the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London (GOSH).

Most parents we meet have done the rounds of GPs and Consultants without finding an answer to their child's healthBaby and Child Natural Health Clinic problem. At our Baby and Child Natural Health Clinic, we diagnose and treat the underlying problem as well as the symptoms. Some children we see have been given many courses of antibiotics, which have not always helped their condition, but have given the child digestive problems of diarrhoea or constipation; gas and bloating. Your child may be trapped in a cycle of constant reinfection because the immune system has been weakened. Deborah's work on both the digestive system and the immune system were featured in The Guardian.

If you would welcome a natural and safe approach to your child's health, we would be delighted to meet you and your son or daughter at The Baby and Child Natural Health Clinic. Non-invasive medical tests, which are carried out at a medical laboratory, may be recommended where necessary. Conditions we treat include the following:


 Silent reflux







 Candida (Thrush)

 Excess gas

 Behaviour problems

 Failure to thrive

 Recurrent tonsillitis

 Sleep problems

 Enlarged adenoids

 Recurrent ear infection

 Recurrent bronchitis




 Digestion problems

 C-Section baby

 Recurrent cold sores


 Recurrent cystitis


 Recurrent urinary tract infection

 Mild/moderate depression


 Fungal infections






 Recurrent warts

 Menstrual problems

 Poor appetite

 Recurrent colds


 If you would like to a consultation with Deborah at The Baby and Child Natural Health Clinic, please make an appointment. She will be delighted to help your child.


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