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ArticlesLondon Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant has written a number of articles about herbal medicine and the treatment of a number of conditions using medicinal herbs.  Her insights have also appeared in a number of medical journals and the national press.

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Treatment For IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome London

Written by Deborah Grant Sunday, 21 July 2013 09:20

The London Gastro Clinic offers treatment for IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome using natural medicine. IBS is the most common gastro-intestinal disorder reported to GPs and up to 50% of referrals to gastroenterologists are for IBS. It has been clinically proven that stress has a lot to do with this unpleasant complaint and there are often underlying problems in the digestive tract as well.


Do You Suffer With Bloating? Treatment For Bloating.

Written by Deborah Grant Wednesday, 13 February 2013 15:08

Are You Looking For Treatment For Bloating?

Bloating seems to be a very common and ever increasing problem in people of all sizes. There may several reasons why this happens. At The Gastro Clinic, which was featured in The Guardian, we work to diagnose the underlying problem instead of just treating the symptoms. We then give treatment for bloating addressing both the underlying issues and the symptoms.

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Guardian Article: Allergy And The Treatment For Leaky Gut Syndrome

The Treatment For Leaky Gut Syndrome (Increased Gut Permeability)

An increasing number of people are suffering with allergy. This article, which was published in The Guardian on Tuesday 4th January 2011 and written by Guardian Editor Nicole Jackson, explores the Treatment For Leaky Gut various treatments offered for allergy. It features the successful herbal treatment of her chronic allergic rhinitis through the medical diagnosis and natural treatment for leaky gut syndrome offered by Deborah Grant, Consultant Medical Herbalist at The London Natural Gastro Clinic.


Read the Guardian article on the treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome here

If you have been wondering if you have this condition and would like to be tested for it and offered treatment for Leaky Gut Syndrome, book an appointment.


GQ Magazine Natural Remedies For Men

Published in GQ Magazine March


 NATURAL REMEDIES FOR MEN from Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant

 According to the World Health Organisation, 80 per cent of the world's population use herbal medicine as part of their healthcare.

So for a drug-free alternative to five of the most common ailments, nature has the answer:

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A Natural Alternative to HRT?

The London Natural Menopause Clinic provides a safe alternative to HRT. It is formulated to meet each patient's unique needs. Herbal Medicine has become a popular, safe and effective alternative for women with debilitating menopausal symptoms, particularly in the light of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study of 2002, which suggested that health risks may exceed benefits during prolonged hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
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