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Problems With ErectionsWhat can you take to help problems with erections and support a healthy sex life?

Having a healthy libido is important in our lives. We want to be able to feel close to the one we love, and confident that we can express our feelings when we need to.

A healthy libido and strong erections depend on many things, and they're not just physical. A few of the key influences on desire include:
• Hormone levels
• Stress
• Nutrition
• Fitness

The first step in improving your sex life is to follow good health practices - regular exercise, a sensible diet and sound sleep.

Testosterone levels are adversely affected by alcohol, stress and obesity. Did you know that testosterone declines with ageing at the rate of 1% per year from 40 years? The good news is that many of my patients, who had problems with erections, have benefited from taking a natural health supplement Mediherb Tribulus Forte. Tribulus is known as "the natural Viagra" and Mediherb Tribulus Forte is unique in that it states on the label exactly how much of the active ingredient is in each tablet. It also uses the correct part of the plant, which many do not. It's very popular and has helped many men. It combines well with Mediherb Valerian Complex, which reduces stress levels and patients report feeling calm, yet still on the ball. In fact, both these products are recommended by GQ Magazine and many readers use them on a regular basis to help support their busy lifestyle.

Read article on the treatment of problems with erections or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) here.

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