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There is no need to suffer in silence! The aim of using herbal health supplements during the menopause is to manage the woman’s symptoms and nourish her body as her body adjusts to her new hormonal levels and new means of production of oestrogen via the adrenal glands.

The aims are to:

1. Support the nervous system to lower stress levels and alleviate insomnia - Mediherb Valerian Complex

2. Alleviate anxiety and/or mild depression - Mediherb St Johns Wort

3. Reduce the number and intensity of hot flushes and night sweats - AM/PM Menopause Formula

4. Help prevent osteoporosis - Osteoprime

5. Give omega 3 support, liquid engineering for your body to help maintain good health - Krill Oil.

6. A very high quality Vitamin & Mineral Formula to help your body stay in balance -  Biotics Research Promulti-Plus

You may experience some relief through taking menopause supplements. However, if you find that your symptoms continue to impact your quality of life, you may wish to book an appointment with Deborah to get a personalised prescription to meet your unique needs. This approach can help to support you better as the hormone levels change. Personalised Herbal Medicine costs £12.00 per week.


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