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Anticipating the birth of a new baby can be one of the most exciting times in your life. During the nine months of pregnancy, the foetus develops from just being a cluster of cells into a fully formed human being. This period requires higher levels of essential nutrients than normal. The need for supplementation before, during and after pregnancy is becoming increasingly important due to the reduced nutrient content of modern diets.

Which supplements should I use for prenatal support?

Pregnancy is a time of high foetal sensitivity to environmental and nutritional substances. Because of that, it's vital to work with your healthcare practitioner to determine what is the best, and safest, to keep your growing baby healthy.

As a good start, you'll most likely want to take a good prenatal multivitamin, such as Natures Way Completia Prenatal, which is easy to take even with morning sickness because the coating has a sutle hint of peppermint. Start nourishing your body with prenatal multivitamins about 2-3 months before conception. Why so early? Statistics show that 50% of birth defects can be prevented this way.

We all know that it’s impossible to get the required amount of folic acid from our diets alone. The use of 0.4 mg of folic acid daily, 3 months before conception has been shown to reduce the risk of neural tube defects by 73%!

Fortify with Fish Oil

It’s also smart to incorporate the use of fish oil from the start. Studies show omega 3 DHA and EPA fatty acids are essential for the development of a smart, healthy baby. DHA and EPA make up about 70% of a newborn baby’s brain, retina and nervous system. The only way a baby can get these important omega 3 fatty acids is from Mum, so choose a high-quality, natural stable fish oil, free from mercury or other heavy metals.

The benefits for baby are:

  • Healthy brain function with higher intelligence
  • Good nervous system development
  • Better eyesight from retina formation
  • Fewer behavioral problems after birth
  • Better sleep patterns for a new born

Health benefits for Mum include:

  • Less chance of developing pre-eclampsia
  • Protection against “brain fog” during pregnancy
  • Less chance of pre-term labour and C-Section
  • Much lower risk of postpartum depression
  • Greatly reduced incidence of breast cancer

Therapetic Strength Probiotics

Do you realise that you will pass on your gut flora to your baby? It therefore makes sense to rebalance your gut flora with an effective probiotic. Babies, who inherit a poor gut flora are predisposed to colic and recurrent infection. See article here.

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