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Natural Health SupplementsDo you suffer from poor digestion, wind or bloating?

The role of the digestive system is to digest and absorb nutrients taken in as food. Unless it does this efficiently, optimum health is unlikely, however good the diet is. Enzymes must first break down the food for absorption in the small intestine. The efficient break down of food is essential to release vital nutrients. These nutrients must then be absorbed through quite complex biochemical processes, which transport the nutrient across the gut wall. If food is not digested properly it passes into the large bowel where it is fermented by bacteria causing wind and bloating. Our heavily researched supplements help the digestive system cope with the enormous variations in diet, and disruption caused by lifestyle changes, illness and ageing.

Healthy digestive function is vital for good health. If you have long standing digestive issues, which are ruining the quality of your life, you may wish to book a consultation at our Gastro Clinic, which was featured in The Guardian. The Gastro Clinic diagnoses any underlying issues through non-invasive testing. A treatment plan is then formulated based on the test results. So if over the counter remedies are not resolving your problems, it may be worth considering an appointment with Deborah. Read articles on digestion disorders here.

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