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Healthy JointsAre you taking care of your joints?

A joint’s ability to withstand or resist stress is a reflection of its health. When the mechanical stress is too great or the joint’s ability to resist this stress is compromised, physical changes occur in the cartilage covering the bones. Cartilage is a tough, elastic tissue, comprised mostly of water, collagen, and complex proteins.

How can you support joint health?

I recommend Glucosamine and Krill Oil for my patients to help keep their joints healthy along with Mediherb Vitanox for antioxidant activity.

However, if you are suffering with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, the pain can often be reduced by using Mediherb's Boswellia Complex along with Mediherb's Saligesic in my clinical experience.It has helped a lot of my patients. Krill oill will help with the inflammation and Vitanox for antioxidant activity.

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